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The Team

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Abigail Heit, LCSW, PMH-C


I’ve always had a natural interest in people and connecting with others. Like everyone, my own journey has been filled with both beautiful joy and immense pain. I’m here to help guide you through life’s tough moments, and collaborate with you on creating a life that you feel good about. 

I'm a licensed clinical social worker with a background in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. I enjoy helping parents discover and embrace their new identity as they grow into a role they've never been in before.

Krystle Bellomo

License-eligible clinician

I am a license-eligible clinician with a wide variety of background experiences. I have a personal interest in addressing anxiety and depression by providing the skills and tools to help you feel empowered and capable to address whatever challenges you may be facing. I provide an honest, nonjudgmental, direct approach, while creating a space for you to feel open and comfortable enough to allow you to explore your past and present in a strengths and solutions-focused manner. Collaboration is at the heart of my therapeutic approach. I believe in working together with my clients to set goals and track progress. By actively involving my clients in the therapeutic process, I empower them to take ownership of their mental health journey.
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Keisha Dobney-Boykin, MSW

License Eligible Clinician
Are you experiencing recent life changes or challenges that you'd like support with? Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed? Do you find it hard to manage your emotions and thoughts? As a military spouse and member, I understand firsthand the challenges of change and life transitions and the importance of building resilience. Hello, I'm Keisha, and I'm here to help you gain insight and thrive.

With a decade of experience supporting diverse individuals through various life transitions, including military members and their families, I am well-equipped to guide you. As a supervisee in clinical social work at Healing Conversations Group, I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), tailored to support you in overcoming emotional difficulties. Whether you're facing a career change, relocation, deployment, separation, or navigating life's complexities, I offer a personalized, empathetic, and evidence-based approach to help you navigate these challenges.

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